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Oh Christ, these clowns are crazier than you and that I never thought would be possible, but you had to get your looney attitude from somewhere. Now I'm seeing where it might have come from.

We just need to get rid of all these exchanges for Bitcoin, Gold and Silver and all derivatives and these products will run wild. If we can just sell our products for cash to each other, all will be well.

To which I say- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jTHNBKjMBU
Vale you asshole, you always disrespect my posts.
You are too old to be still so stuck on stupid.
For years you have denigrated my anti manipulation postings, even when poor little me showed how to triple a publicly visible MarketWatch fake stock account in short order using the obvious to me silver manipulation.
I did it twice. And they stopped the obvious shenanaigans soon thereafter.
Yet you continued with the excuses saying that the manipulation wasn't real.
So Vale, why should anyone think that your opinion has any validity?
You should stop posting because YOU HAVE ZERO CREDIBILITY except being a good KABBAL PARROT.

Now you imply that I got my long held belief about the strong possibility of a 1 to 1 silver to gold ratio from these two, one that I have only recently seen around.
I know that Bix has expressed that he thinks there is a strong possibility of a one to one opinion based on his analysis, although it is in the realm of possibility that he saw some of my old posts here.
ƒuck you Vale.