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Thread: Here is some Silver I'd like to have!

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    Default Here is some Silver I'd like to have!

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    If you don't GOT it, You don't GET it!

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    A socialist is president of France again! Reminds me of the Economist headline when Francois Mitterand won his election: "Egalite, Fraternite, Catastrophe". It will be the same again. This time they will drag down the whole of Europe in their nonsense. The rebellion against austerity in Europe will clearly result in more printing. It is amazing that the paper prices of the metals were driven down in early Asian trading. The metals are the natural place to go to when the Euro and USD get into a competitive devaluation , as they will. Keep your nerve and buy physical. Shorting ANY tangible in this monetary environment is insanity! Just wait until the holders of trillions of cash deposits receiving zero return break ranks and start to buy tangibles (never mind the bond holders looking down the barrel of material principal losses!) This is going to be a rout. Very nasty; lots of finger pointing and the regulators will have lost a generation of credibility. Those guys will find it hard to get jobs. Total abrogation of responsibility. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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