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Thread: Im building a Wind Turbine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steadfast View Post
    Unless you live in a class 3 wind area, go solar!

    Here is a recent video of the turbine as it is "cutting in" or making enough electricity to charge the batteries.

    Thanks, I'll just keep adding to my small solar cell packages. I have no real use for them other than in an emergency and then I wouldn't want to have them exposed to others to steal. My house faces east and west and I'm on a slight hill,, so I can catch the very early morning sun by hanging panels right out of the second story windows, actually they are the third story from the back of my house and just prop them up as the sun risen in the sky. After noon I can reverse the process by hang some of them out the front windows, but there are not as many. But no reason I can't place them on the lawn if someone is out there to guard them. Right now I only have those 45 (3X15 watt) watt sets with controllers, but I'm thinking of adding some larger panels that I can lay out in the yard or even hang from the windows if they are narrow enough to fit. I just don't want to try and handle something in an awkward position where I might drop it. I'd just like to reach a point where I could maintain enough electrical power to run a small freezer and a small refrigerator, with power left over to light the house at night. With six marine batteries I might already have enough storage capacity for all that, but I don't know how long it would last without some sunny day's. I'm just wondering if 350 watts of solar panels would be enough to top off those batteries in a hurry with minimal sunny day's. The lighting is already in place with low watt fluorescent and LED night lights for hall ways, not that I use them, but I have them just in case. I guess I need to get a meter to find out how much draw my existing chest freezer is using as that would be the ultimate if I could keep that thing running. Just keep it stocked and they use far less power. I know that isn't the case for my refrigerators, but no sense not actually finding out how much power they need also. I'm not adversed to spending the money on a very efficient small refrigerator, but not one of those tiny things that only holds a couple gallons of milk.

    Any suggestions on solar panels, I'm thinking not any larger than 50 watts in size because of the potential problems of how I might be using them.

    Any suggestions on a meter for power consumption at an individual device?
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    meter for power consumption:

    Get a "Doc Wattson" $45
    and increadible meter...
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