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Thread: How long can they keep silver down?

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    How long can the manipulators keep silver down? Help me understand how this works - I am a rookie. Do the manipulators have to be so beat up that they are not capable of shorting anymore? Is there a possibility that they will be able to never let silver rise to its market value?

    what do you think...

    A long, long time !

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    Ardent Listener Guest


    How long? Over the past 30 years I have heard that question asked many times.

    If there is manipulation of the price of silver to keep it low then that must be encouraging more consumption of it. So, for example; if I'm in the photograph business and I want to keep silver low in order to keep my prices low, chance are I will be shooting myself in the foot down the road as supplies continue to shrink in relatonship to demand. Maybe I'm trying to hold out in hopes that there will be a replacement for silver before there is hell to be paid. But if that doesn't happen then either the price of silver must rise to decrease demand or there will someday not be any of it for my business because supply has dried up.

    But there had to be much more supply than many silver salesmen warned of back 30 years ago. If not, then they must be bleaching copper now.

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