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Thread: Nationalize the Federal Reserve

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    Lightbulb Be like Michelle, buy silver.

    America's strongest psychic buys silver!


    This is an excellent day to trade some Federal Reserve note brand electrons for physical silver atoms.
    Junk or bullion are both good.

    Once we the people have enough silver, then we the people will create competing banks with real money.
    "I foresee little future in 'the price of silver', I see a huge future for 'the price in silver'." - heartbone
    "The truth is called hate by those who hate the truth." - K

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    Your far worse than the SilverSellers, at least they try to stick to one story or another within the same week or month before moving on to a different slant.

    PS it's Sunday afternoon and my bank is still up and running online, so much for the Government falling to pieces before your eyes, you crazy loon.

    Don't worry about buying over priced Silver slugs before the system collapses, you'll have plenty of time to amass your Silver hoard of 85 ounces.

    I truly hope that if there is any kind of financial nightmare in this country leading to precious metals taking a lead role for our survival for any length of time, you are actually caught with only 85 ounces of Silver you simpleton.

    Everything is always, how can I figure out how to bend my potential needs by twisting reality in a way that I can come out on top without investing in much of anything.

    Like creating an extremely low cost garden in your basement because you can't figure out how to actually calculate the real expense of building a system like that.

    You will grow your own food in the city and capture your own water to filter and drink and a little Silver is all you will need to be rich, rich, rich, Ha, Ha, Ha.

    Two day's has past and now you have presented some real compelling evidence to support your lunatic belief system, another nut you call America's strongest Psychic, a truly strong supporter of all your insane ideas.

    The government has a cure for cancer, oh damn there is no such thing is there, life is getting shorter and there never will be???

    China is not only buying all the Gold but is buying up all the Silver, must be buying it off the open market versus long contracts and no one is paying any attention, maybe because it's not true...

    The government has time travel and they invented Aids.

    The government is also partly run by aliens.

    I'm sure the list went on and on, but I just couldn't listen to any more of your fantasies coming out of her mouth.

    The question is, what nonsense will you provide on Tuesday, secret pictures of aliens working at area 51, mountains of Silver stacked up in warehouses in China.

    Maybe another Government insider telling us a different branch of the HUMM, what's next taking control of the government from a different angle.

    Oh damn, why or even how would anything like that be possible with powers so great they are shared with aliens from who knows where, maybe aliens from another distant solar system trying to take over, hum, could be, maybe, what do you think or did she address that later in the tape that I failed to listen to????

    I think it would be appropriate if you would set a huge heading at the beginning of all your postings so people wouldn't get confused, kind of like those rags at he grocery store checkout counter, something like,


    Then no one will have to wonder how you can change your mind about so much so often and be so wrong about everything all the time.
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