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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Fultan View Post
    I have never been one to bring a party to a premature end but if you have invested in silver lately now may be the time to cash in any accumulated gains.
    Why would I say this at a time when just about every article being written about silver seems intent on predicting the new highest possible price for silver? But, when you look at who is writing the articles, most are being written by people who trade in sliver. May I suggest that they have not got your best interests at heart.
    So here’s why I am suggesting you tread very carefully when investing in silver:
    • The current price of silver is exceptionally high at approximately $46 per troy ounce, over valuing silver by probably 9x compared to its historical true value. Silver price has been fairly steady over the years, mostly under $5 per troy ounce. There have been a few price excursions but nothing exceptional, apart from when the Hunt Brothers succeed in cornering the market in 1980.
    • The largest use of Silver is as a precious metal, but despite the increased prosperity of some third world countries the demand for silver as precious metal has not significantly changed. This is mostly because gold and other materials are preferred in these countries.
    • There is an increase in demand for silver for industrial applications. Silver is used as a conductor and as a steriliser, but it is not unique in its conducting and sterilising qualities and the recent rise in sliver price will make alternative materials more attractive.
    • One of the main historical uses of silver is in the manufacture of photographic film and paper in its light sensitive halide form. But this application has almost evaporated due to the advances in digital image capture and display over the last ten years.
    • It is also worth noting for most industrial applications silver can and is easily recycled reducing the need to extract more silver from the ground.
    I therefore can only assume that silver has increased in price due to speculative investors looking for a safe haven and a quick buck. This action has gained momentum causing further investment and created a situation where silver price has climbed to its current lofty position. So my simple warning is to remember the tech share boom and bust, don’t get your fingers burnt and either leave the party still trumpeting on your party blower or watch very carefully for a quicksilver change in price.
    I assume you are addressing this to people speculating in paper silver. In that case, I agree. Get out now. If however you are suggesting those holding physical silver should sell, I disagree with you. Your reasosns are recycled cut-and-paste pieces of countless articles written over the years.

    Hisortical price? You mean since 1980, right? Not a good measure especially against the Fed's over-active play since then.
    Laregst use of silve is as an industrial metal, not precious metal. Been that way for many moons.
    Photography? please. That one is dead and buried.
    Silver is the best condutor of electrcity in the world. Can be replaced only with an inferior metal. Elecrical and biocide use is on the increase.

    I'll stop there but I don't think you looked into this very deeply. I'd look more closely at the Fed, the US Gubermint and the banksters for more current issues and a direction one should take. If you do and the light comes on, you'l run to buy physical silver.
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    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin

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    Just for fun. How much silver in an electric car or 100 watt solar panel? $10.00 worth or $300.00 worth. Just guessin.

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