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Thread: I want to buy silver bullion, could use advice.

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    Default I want to buy silver bullion, could use advice.

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post, so forgive me if I make a mistake.

    I want to start investing in silver bullion, preferably in 10 oz. bullion bars. I currently reside in southern New Jersey, and I would appreciate some advice as to where I can purchase silver bullion. I would prefer to make purchases in person, but I don't know of any location in my area to do so. I am not opposed to making online or mail order purchases if I can find a reputable dealer.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    silver1000 Guest


    Try for a tutorial or more specifically try to enter your zip code and find dealers near you that you may have not already visited and can try. Beware that some listings may be outdated so I'd suggest calling before visiting.

    I know there are several reputable online dealers, but I unfortunately cannot give you a list as its been years since I bought mine (all my new purchases are mining stocks now). I'd suggest simply doing an extensive search and comparing rates. If they've been around for a while I'd guess that they are reputable, some have some outrageously expensive rates though so do your research.

    Hopefully some others here can list some reputable dealers they have worked with recently.

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    1. Look for coin dealers in the Yellow Pages.
    2. Call them and find out which ones offer the 10 oz bars you want...and at what price.
    3. Go to coin shows within driving distance.
    4. Go to gun shows within driving distance - not infrequently there are coin dealers who set up and buy/sell bullion.

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    Read this thread, Goldminer posted some really good info for us newbis.

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    Silvermede......Before you buy silver coins, consider how much better off you would be if you use the money to pay off your credit card balance, pay off your car, pay off your college loans and pay down your mortgage...Buff

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