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silver prices

silver prices

  1. devhunt
    silver prices silver prices silver prices
  2. SilverKipp
    any one here?
  3. valerb
    This is a Sale ending on 10/17/2013

    I don't know what is going on with the system as all members seem to be locked out from posting and reading normal threads. I'm just using a back door in case anyone happens to peek in here for anything new.

    APMEX is running a two day sale on JM one ounce bars with the serial numbers for $1.49 over spot, any quantity. Which seems to be a pretty good deal from any web site. This deal ends at Midnight 10/17/2013 or 10/15/2013, they can't seem to make up their mind as both dates are listed.

    To get this deal you have to enter the code EARLYBIRD at checkout. Of course to make matters even worse they state in the E-mail, it's only for my use. But no one is responding to the the E-mail itself, just use the code.

    It does state that you can only use the code one time during this sale. On the ad itself it states the sale ends 10/17 and below the ad in small type it states the sale ends on 10/15.
  4. webmaster
    Looks like the forums were hacked and took us offline last days. We have cleaned up the site and hope this is resolved, installed some patches from the software vendor. Apparently the attack on the forum software hit over 35,000+ websites, but there was not threat to the end user, just to the forum software.

    Apologies for the downtime, we will be monitoring to ensure stability in the coming weeks.

    Kind Regards,
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