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19th January 2010, 12:15
Hello to everyone- especially Jake-- be nice now :) I have been viewing for a while and finally decided to post. Im so new that my previous post was in a forgotten thread. Im a long time buyer and holder of the yummy bright metal. My bachgroung is really in real estate investing/flipping. Fortunately, I sold 80% of my holdings in 2007. Dont ask about the other 20% :( Im not a big TA guy. I follow my gut and look around at ( obvious) market indicators. The only thing TAs tell us is that the market ALWAYS goes up then down. Ive read some pretty wild predictions here and just smile. I saw a prediction that had silver at 35.00 by spring. Why set yourself up for disappointment? My thinking is this. I believe silver is a better long term investment than most others. I think more like maybe 30.00 in 5 years as opposed to 35.00 in spring. 30.00 more likely than 8.00 in 5 years. I dont pretend to be a guru ( Jake) Im a buy and hold believer. I do have 1 ounce of gold though ( gold eagle) - just because.......:) I beleive silver will outperform gold for one simple reason. Things that are cheaper tend to outperform more expensive things on a percentage basis. Atleast this was my philosophy in real estate which proved quite accurate. My fellow investors than began to follow my advice and began to make larger percentage profits. A small investor ,when give the choice between a nice juicy 10 ounce silver bar or a 1/4 ounce itty biity gold piece will take the big 10 ouncer most of the time. Just my opinion-- Well hello to Kat, Bullionmaster Agshanman and especially Jake ( hopefully in a good mood today) ;)

19th January 2010, 14:58

Gene Daniels
19th January 2010, 15:59
Hey SILVERmark,

Nice to have you on board. I don't post alot, I guess that is mainly because I am not nearly as smart as some of the others here. But I have learned a lot in the 3 years or so that I have been reading this forum and stacking.

My number one piece of advice to a new stacker is, keep buying on dips. I started out with a modest goal, but even then was not sure if I could reach that total. Today, because of discipline and God's help, we have 3Xs that amount in silver, and a few ounces of gold to boot. If you keep buying, a little at a time, you will be amazed at how much you can gather over a short few years.

Good luck on your stack!

19th January 2010, 16:09

19th January 2010, 16:30
Hey Jake and Gene-- Thanks for the tips, Ive been buying over the past 4 or 5 years- started buying with prices around 12.00. My dollar cost Ave is around 14.25 for the some 6000 ounces I currently have. I figure if the price comes down to around the 15.00 mark, Ill pick a couple thousand more ounces. My goal would be to have an even 10,000 come retirement ( in about 3 years) I am thinking that 17 or so may be a buy time because my dca would still be about 15.50 or so. Hell your guess is as good as mine if it wil ever get back down to the mid teens-- any thoughts?? As for gold, Im kinda sticking to my guns thinking silver will outperform gold, yet I think either way- neither will leave us hurting in the long run--Thanks again. Oh, by the way Jake, I was LOL reading your responses to the TA guy. ( name not necessary) I guess that makes me a smart ass too---

19th January 2010, 16:46