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17th December 2009, 17:48
I, like most on this board, go through a few sites, USD, Kitco, etc. before checking in on SSF. This morning I noticed something very strange about Monex's chart page........http://www.monex.com/liveprices.

Their chart page for silver shows the previous days gain/loss, not the present. Until today, when I noticed that TODAY'S reduction in the silver spot was charted by 8:00 AM pacific standard time.:confused:

That's right, this AM the chart already showed a loss of more than a half dollar by 11:00 EST. WTF !! I usually look at the one year chart first, because this is where the link spits you out, I instantly noticed the downward line indicating what looked like a better than .50 cent loss, but how.

The three month chart also was showing the -.50 also. I have never seen, ever, Monex altering their charts until the wee hours of the morning the following day.

So, how in the hell could they have filled in the day's recorded change in spot before the day was even 1/2 over. :confused: ???

Upon seeing this, I waited until spot caught up with Monex's Crystal Ball until I made my 40 oz. buy:D. It felt like cheating, the good cheating:rolleyes:

Anybody else notice this? I'll be watching very closely tomorrow AM

17th December 2009, 18:10
It follows the future's market. Sometimes it hiccups while trying to catch up/down.

Not sure what you saw but I have been watching it all day and it is usually a few pennies off the futures market.

Kitco is better for watching the futures change and a lead in to what you will see on the monex live charts.

Don't get caught up too much in the daily. It is merely there for catching the trend but I feel you have to use the 2 in order to get the better perspective.

My 4 screens I keep up daily are the kitco, monex, dollar, and oil. Between all of these you can get a decent picture of when and how the PM's will move.

Good luck!!



http://monex.com/prods/silver_chart.html (great for looking at averages)