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10th December 2009, 08:40
The markets are behaving in stark contrast to reality right now. The economic numbers do not really signal the end of the recession, the continuation of the bailouts through 2010 supports this opinion and, what's worse the US continues to print more money while tax revenues continue to decline and more and more people are becoming dependent on the state for jobs and/or handouts. The jobs Obama promises to create will be government jobs which do not really contribute to the GDP which means all they do is circulate money. The same is true for all the service jobs that predominate in our economic base. An accountant and lawyer who do work for each other do nothing to contribute to the GDP but rather just circulate money from their respective clients who actually do produce something tangible. Since our manufacturing base has shrunken to next to nothing the majority of the money earned by those who get one of Obama's new shovel ready government jobs will be spent on products made in China which will make our trade deficit greater and what is worse effectively be funneling the new money we printed to China which we will then have to bower back from them for a second time at interest.........that is if they are willing to buy anymore of our treasury bills!! And, if they are not then we will just have to monetize more debt.

And all this is causing the dollar to rally!! Why? Where is the evidence of something in this list that is consistent with a strengthening US dollar?

In short, where's the beef?

10th December 2009, 08:44
FRN sales strengthening dollar. You know who and why purchases are occurring.

10th December 2009, 08:58
Yea, We Are Doing Each Other's Laundry. Not Making Any Wigetts.

10th December 2009, 09:02

Don't you fret kitty kat. They can't keep this up much longer.

Expect a decline in the dollar and oil to gain ground into next week.

This week has had too many fireworks go off. Let the smoke clear.

The picture will become clearer very soon!


10th December 2009, 09:05
FRN sales strengthening dollar. You know who and why purchases are occurring.

I know what is going on and so do most savvy investors and so I do not understand why some of them are running from commodities.......unless they are not as savvy as I give them credit for being. Certainly market manipulation is going on right now but for it to work people have to jump ship but when you know you have a royal flush you do not fold when someone with nothing in their hand calls "your" bluff.

10th December 2009, 09:09
Also...pay very close attention to how the after and early markets reacted.

They didn't want to touch silver with a 10 oz bar!

We've seen sidney get a little happy, china digesting and then london screwing it all up for opens but they are also quite content with the dust to settle. Seems they are looking for the US markets to give the direction while silver and gold start to heat back up and reclaim what is rightfully thiers.

I can't say this enough people.

We WILL see $25 silver and $1400 gold next year.

Don't quibble over these 17's right now. Do you honestly think we will see dips to $13 silver and $850 gold between now and Feb/Mar?

Let us keep reality around us and keep your eye on the ball.

Kat you make excellent points. Don't sway with the wind. Be a strong tree and affirm/confirm your position in the face of some really ridiculous actions.

This administration let alone the crap coming out of copenhagen will almost guaranty some major short term trouble for the dollar and unfortunately hefty premiums for precious metals.

Just because we can all benefit from rise in PM's we do still need to keep in perspective what is causing it. WE do still need a stable economy for our short and long term lives on this beautiful planet.

Good luck to us all!!


10th December 2009, 09:10
I'm sure a percentage of the TARP money that has been repaid to the Treasury is being used as a slush fund to rally the markets. Certainly immoral and unethical, and possibly illegal.