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macho trader
9th December 2009, 05:04
What a crazy ride we are having in the silver market.
I believe this setback is an opportunity to buy or add more silver to existing positions.
Short term silver put a high in and wont make new highs till mid jan 2010, from there on the steady uptrend should continue.
my targets are $20 by the end of january, $25 buy late summer.
It will take longer than most believe for silver to blast higher, a while longer.
in the meantime i will be adding on setbacks and and then taking some profits once the big $20, $25, $30 marks are hit, after then its anyones guess.
IF,IF or should i say WHEN silver gets close to $40 and $50 , i would consider selling half my physical silver, therefore having a free ride on the other half left, and keep that as insurance against currency devaluation.

If you never sell and buy back and sell again, you limit your profit potential, and someone once said that "you cant lose money taking a profit".

Bulls make money, Bears make money and chickens make nothing, its the lambs and the pigs that get slaughtered

Macho Trader by name and Macho Trading IS my game

Good trading guys.

9th December 2009, 07:50
So today I can only buy about half as much silver for the same bucks.
That trend is not good. :(
I feel that if I do not short my excess FRNs, then I'll be losing out.
So back into the coin shop I'll go, to exit my over exposed Federal Reserve position.
I sure hope the deflationists are wrong.

9th December 2009, 16:33
It seems premiums have been raised approx. the amount the setback has been.

$17.38 spot and $19.xx for BD
$17.38 spot and $18.68 for Apmex

im buying the dip as recommended but its feeling like im buying sideways.

New User
9th December 2009, 17:08
It seems premiums have been raised approx. the amount the setback has been.

$17.38 spot and $19.xx for BD
$17.38 spot and $18.68 for Apmex

im buying the dip as recommended but its feeling like im buying sideways.

I believe Gainesville has a lower premium than both Apmex & BD at this time. I bought a few rolls each of 2009 ASE's, Philharmonics, Maples, and some of the 10oz Morgan bars today while spot was at the bottom. I paid about $2.50 to $2.75 over spot for the coins and about $1.00 over for the bars.

Apmex is charging $3.35 over for 20-100 ASE's, but their 2010 Maples are at $2.72 over for 100-400 as are the 2009 Phils. The bars also are $1.20 over for 20-100 10oz'ers (at Apmex).

9th December 2009, 17:50
It always makes me nervous coming from a down like today and wanting to purchase more BEFORE the aftermarkets take over.

I'll check the price in the morning and probably load up on some xmas gifts.

Probably buy in some more before Friday is out. That should confirm things.

Looks good everyone...hope you weren't all scared off!


10th December 2009, 04:22
about $1.00 over for the bars.

If you can handle a 500 ounce order, Tulving is selling 50 10oz bars for 49 cents over spot. Five 100oz JM bars for 59 cents over spot. You will have a tough time beating their prices.

10th December 2009, 22:42
I scarfed a few 10 oz Englehard bars and one Canadian 10 oz bar with a big letter N for National Refiners Assayers that I've never heard of before.

I was also able to score my first Libertads. ;)
One of them is ugly halfway toned/stained on one side, which I'm really tempted to clean that one side with baking soda.

I got an EXCELLENT deal on 9 - 1982 Washington commemorative proof halves in their original United States Mint presentation boxes with the certificates for only $58.50, which was the melt value a couple of days ago.

These are historically significant* and very manly.
I've already given away one as a gift, so my stash is down to eight.

*The first 90% US silver coins struck after 1964. They were also the first modern US commemorative coin, i.e. the first commemorative after 1954.
A really nice beautiful proof coin.
There were far too many minted in high quality with no errors for there to be any significant numismatic value at all, which is my gain. :D

beach miner
11th December 2009, 00:04
Good to hear from you Macho Trader. Glad your still out there. Thank's for the forecast. Lookin forward to the 20 plus Silver. Your aggressive tradin is an inspiration. See Ya At The Top.

11th December 2009, 06:10
bounce today......

11th December 2009, 08:27
I heard this 40 years ago.


11th December 2009, 09:51
bounce today......

I think that it ends the day around support ($17.10) which is a EXCELLENT BUYING OPPORTUNITY.