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of one mine
3rd December 2009, 00:13
HI All just like the james bond movie I saw last nite. THe big banks are making money off the taxpayer and all the while manipulating & charging more to the consumer. I take a look at the past when real money was and still is gold and silver. THat truth has never changed what has is the false Gods they perpetuate to the masses. I worked for a company once that made weaponry the israilies used it in the gulf war. It had problems and they modified them to work better. I know they had the ability to adapt & survive and the good sense to hold thier PM's also. This is a good example of what to do in the face of adversity.
The big banks on the other hand know just what to do in a economy like this to use you, then laugh as they take your money. I will wait and call thier hand when the time is right. Just like in the movie I have seen thier hand and will call thier bluff. We hold the winning hand (AG) and will survive the day. "My God is a just God"
"Be still and know that I am God" psalm 46.10

"I take great joy in the truth it has set many free"

Of one mine

3rd December 2009, 01:11
Well said.

It's not just the banksters, but our massive government, and landslide of "entitlees" on the dole.

The "papermen" - as I call them - will disappear when God's money takes over. There are going to be large changes to our society. A much smaller government, a very different financial system seems inevitable.