View Full Version : GATA's Bill Murphy: "We are in the midst of a commercial signal failure"

1st December 2009, 20:17
GATA's Bill Murphy:

There was so much happening on Friday while I was in San Diego, I forgot to check into the gold Commitment of Traders report. Perhaps it came out yesterday. Anyway, I just looked into it and, and while old news (Last Tuesday's close), it lends greater credence to the GATA camp's notion we are in the midst of a Commercial Signal Failure…
*The large specs increased longs by 10,390 contracts and decreased shorts by 16,244.
*The commercials increased longs by a piddly 308 contracts, but increased shorts by a whopping 24,866 contracts. Why doesn't anyone in the gold press query as to who these shorts are? It certainly is not the hedgers who are covering their positions, not adding to them."


The huge short positions in gold/silver will result in the decimation of PMs or a commercial signal failure, launching PMs higher than you can imagine.

1st December 2009, 22:49
Comex is gonna get busted sooner or later, the only reason why JP Morgan shorts is because they don't have the metal, now JP Morgan has a direct line of credit from the the Fed, who just funnel the money straight off the printing press or data entry computer account, whatever, into JP Morgan Mob & Goldman Sachs Gang and they just keep on shorting the market, its criminal, its a fraud, and like all criminal frauds its gonna be exposed over time, and it's not even covered up anymore, its just in your face, blatant fraud, and what these criminals are gonna soon realize is that they are a tiny minority, very, very small and concentrated in one place, you got all the rats in one place, and this signals their failure!

2nd December 2009, 00:40
Why Is HSBC Backing Out Of The Gold Storage Business?
Posted: Dec 02 2009 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: December 2, 2009 at 12:13 am

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Dear Friends,

I still am plagued by the question, WHY?

You make more money from investor accounts than you ever will from large commercials in the same amount of space.

Storage is space times charges which equals revenue. After that it is all computerized billing and confirmation.

With gold climbing steadily higher while showing signs that presage a ballistic move upwards, I have to conclude that there is a problem in the gold market itself stirring below sight that the community has little or no idea about.

We have reviewed all the present and potential economic problems and know them better here than anywhere else.

I told you a long time ago that there are times when the hair stands up on the back of my neck. This is how gamblers in the final analysis know when to hold or fold them. This is what Bert Seligman and Jesse Livermore had that no one since then has had.

The story that small clients are not wanted would not require multiple Brinks trucks. Small coin and bullion deliveries are made by US mail.

What does HSBC know that is the basis for wanting to get rid of good business? It has been reported that HSBC storage internationally has been backing out of the gold business for awhile.


I smell delivery problems not just from HSBC, but maybe widespread.

I wonder if there might be a problem with authenticity. I wonder if exchanges have ever questioned the authenticity of their warehouse stock.

We live in a soulless, depraved world. Every possible scam has taken place.

Depending on whether the subject is gold or silver, reports indicate scammers are mixing a different ratio of lead/tungsten to match the density of gold or silver and putting it in the inside of the hollowed-out bar. The only way to detect it is by drilling or by gamma ray scanning.

We know coins have been adulterated for years. That is why we do not buy other than from well established coin dealers.