View Full Version : Ted Butler was right on about the ETF SLV

1st December 2009, 03:57
Sometime in the recent past, Ted Butler stated that the Silver ETF SLV was short millions of ounces of Silver and that the ETF would have to buy it on the open market.

Since October 29Th thru November 30Th, they have added 25 million ounces and now stand at 302 million ounces.

Here are some interesting numbers for COMEX and SLV for the past twelve months.


COMEX REGISTERED__80,639,774______52,703,862___-27,935,912___-35% THIS SILVER (IS) FOR SALE

COMEX ELIGIBLE_____47,896,009______58,895,018__+10,999,0 09____+23% THIS SILVER (IS NOT) FOR SALE

COMEX TOTAL__.____128,535,783_____111,598,880___-16,936,903___-13%

SILVER ETF SLV_____214,983,944_____302,370,918__+87,386,974__ _+41%

Last year the REGISTERED inventory was equal to 38% of the amount of inventory in SLV.
Now, the REGISTERED inventory is equal to only 17% of the amount of inventory in SLV.

Last year the total inventory in COMEX was equal to 60% of the amount of inventory in SLV.
Now, the total inventory in COMEX is equal to only 37% of the amount of inventory in SLV.

While the COMEX inventory in total is only down 13% in the last year, the huge change from REGISTERED to ELIGIBLE is dramatic. Where the REGISTERED category had 33 million more ounces than the ELIGIBLE, it now has 6 million ounces less

1st December 2009, 05:30
An increase in silver not for sale!
And a decrease in silver available for sale!

Sounds bullish to me.