View Full Version : Buying Silver in Britain

29th November 2009, 10:37
I am in Japan, and a friend visiting from the UK wants to ask his mother in Wales to put money he left into physical silver, but the only online place he found seems to charge about 18% above the spot price for silver by the kilo bar,

Can anyone recommend a reasonable UK source, where she can purchase online and have it delivered?

It almost looks as if it would be much cheaper for him to buy it in Japan, where there is no tax or reporting necessary on purchases up to 2 million yen, and leave it with someone here to sell if needed eventually and send him the proceeds...which he's not expecting to need until --you guessed it -- 2012...

However, a good UK source would be good to learn about. Thanks in advance...

29th November 2009, 15:50
Sadly all suppliers in the UK are compelled to charge VAT on silver. Private sales on ebay reflect a similar markup, so there is nowhere much to go.

Gold is VAT-free.