View Full Version : Sea Gulls In Indiana

26th November 2009, 22:06
Today, I Drove To Richmond Indiana, Getting Out The Car, A bunch Of Birds Landed In The Parking Lot-- The Guy Beside Me Said They Where Sea Gulls--- I Looked And Sure Enough They Where.

My Question--- I have Been Around The World A Couple Of Times ,plus In The Navy For Four Years--- On Any Coast Anywhere On Earth U See
Sea Gulls----

I Have Lived Off And On In Ohio For 60 Years & Never Ever Saw A Sea Gull----except neat lake eire

So Am I Crazy Or Are Sea Gulls Migrating From California To Tampa Via The Midwest???

I Live 170 Miles From The Great Lakes, There Ain't No Water Around Here...

Any Answeres?????

Oh Yea, Think Au Will Hit 19 By Monday??

26th November 2009, 22:30
Dude, I'm sorry, you're on my ignore list until you lose that avatar. I've never done that to anyone before.