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24th November 2009, 14:47
I think most of us have wondered why the commercial banks continue to short metals a massive amount when they know for certain that it will be a losing bet. They know what the dollar is going to do, mostly because they are participants. My thought is while they continue the short play they are turning around and buying massive quantities of physical metal on the cheap and being quiet about it.

The powers that be are well aware of what is most likely going to happen. These guys don't want some friggin' futures contract. Are you telling me that JP, HSBC, Goldman and the rest are not going to cash in on PM's rise by holding only a handful of long positions? Yea, right.

beach miner
24th November 2009, 15:16
It sure is quiet out there about JPM and GS shortin the Market, glad to see some one speak up. I like your take on them buyin while the buyin is good, and to be holdin as little paper silver and gold as possible. They will probably just cover their short contracts with 125% paper and call it even. Paper they got--they make it out thin air--gold and silver is what they'll need. Where's Ted and all the other's. Hey Kat or Q: are you out there. Someone get a shovel and dig up Jake. See Ya At The Top.