View Full Version : Xmas Toy From Hell - Give Silver Instead. PLEASE!

24th November 2009, 10:39

24th November 2009, 11:08
I wouldn't get excited. It'll end up like all the other fads, tossed in a corner a couple of months later and forgotten.

24th November 2009, 13:05
That's hilarious, bet it works just fine. Our Masters must be laughing their ass off with this one. Folks might not realize this out there that it CAN work both ways.....for sure. If this little gizmo can be purchased for 80 Fake Reservoir Notes;), just think what they got at the the top.

This thing is almost scary, nothing like tapping on the shoulders of the little folks of the world to let them know they have been pawned in such a fun way.

Now what happened at Fort Hood? :rolleyes: It works both ways, if this little thing is a gas to play, we're even more doomed than we thought:o

Ardent Listener
24th November 2009, 14:34
Silver, the gift that keeps on giving. :D

24th November 2009, 14:43
Here Here!
Please, everyone, cut out the giving of Chinese-made crap. My wife and I have made the decision to only give silver for Christmas and birthdays. The kids know it's something special. Last Christmas, I overheard my then 8-year old nephew telling his friend excitedly that he got a silver dollar (silver Eagle).

I'm mixing up the countries so for them it will be a geography lesson as well.

This year:

My nephew #1 (age 9) will get the case and his first of 10 1988 Canadian Winter Olympic coins, with a C$20 face value and containing 1oz silver, how can you go wrong? He'll get one each birthday and Christmas for the next 5 years.

Nephew #2 will get a silver Brittania

Neice #1 (age 5) will get a silver Kookabura

Neice #2 (age 1.5) will get a silver maple leaf

Keepin' it in the family!

My Pants Are Cold
24th November 2009, 18:35
That looks very cool. I'd love to hack it and use it to drive my truck from the back seat.

24th November 2009, 23:34
That looks very cool. I'd love to hack it and use it to drive my truck from the back seat.

LOL! You know some hacker is actually gonna find a way to do that. It's a simple matter to convert a signal to control whatever. They already have cars driven by joysticks for handicapped people to drive, how hard could it be to convert these signals into inputs for a vehicle.

This is both really interesting, and really scary at the same time.