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mick silver
14th May 2008, 02:31
Ive been reading on two forum , everyone keeps asking if silver and gold go way up , the dollar starts taking a hard drop how well we cash out of silver and gold and make money , new at this, thought some of you guy an girl could anwer this for me , because ive still not got a clear answer on this , thanks for all help on this

beach miner
14th May 2008, 03:32
Look in your Yellow pages under Gold, Silver, and Platinum dealers. You can also look under Assayers, Precious Metals Refiners, and small and large Mints. All of these people will buy your silver. They have been in business for decades, and will continue even when paper currency will be almost worthless. There will always be rich people who are looking for a better investment, and when Gold and Silver, and other Precious Metals are more attractive than Stocks, Bonds, or paper currency, they will gladly be willing to trade. In the mean time, add to your stash, watch the game being played of ups and downs, and be glad that you own something of value and that is gaining more value over the years. Sure beats owning shares of Enron, or Bear Stearns, or Florida Real Estate, all of which very informed rich people invested in. See Ya At The Top; Beach Miner

mick silver
14th May 2008, 12:31
But How Well We Trade In What Money That No Longer Good ?

14th May 2008, 14:36
Hi Mick Silver -

First of all. When things are going badly for paper money - businesses will be forced to keep using it! Paper money's ability to be spent will be awful - it will take MANY dollars to buy anything. But that WON'T happen overnight. Paper money and loans are going to be around even if there's triple digit inflation. The thing to do when people invest in anything - is monitor the market. You don't just buy and forget it. The paper or the news media will NEVER tell you when it's time to sell. YOU determine that. The daily reports on stocks and commodities in the paper tell you what got bought or sold in a 24 hour period.

Supposedly the daily information helps some people determine when they should sell or buy their investments or if the economy will be good or bad in a given period. I don't agree with this way of thinking, but there's lots of information a person can get from doing research using daily market reports.

What you're doing when you buy metals is just like buying stocks and bonds. You buy them from someplace and when YOU are ready to sell you take them back to where you bought them from and sell them. If you've been thinking about investing in silver for example: HOPEFULLY you've found some coin shops and refineries to frequent and are getting to know the owners or employees very well! Why? THEY will be buying your silver when YOU want to sell! And buying it at an agreed upon price. You're buying silver at spot price plus. You'll be selling it at spot plus or minus. But it's an agreed upon price. Watching this market - no one knows when silver will reach its' 'HIGH' price. It could be years from now. Just like investing in stocks and bonds and real estate.

The only reason this is so hard for the average person to figure out is because of the way purchasing things in this country has been made to be in the past 10 years. People have gotten into buying stuff, and then dumping it years after because it's been made obsolete or their friends don't own that model anymore. Consumerism is stupid! It's just marketing.

So more than likely; WHEN you're ready to sell YOU'LL be able to tell the buyer if YOU will accept payment in paper money or more metal.

mick silver
14th May 2008, 17:24
Like i said , ive been buying silver coin for 15 years , most of the coin i get were from my wife work at face value , last two years been buy silver bullion from coin shop in town an apmex an once from nwt mint , im trying to learn as much as i can , learn to buy low an hold, thanks for helping me learn more , if any of you have some good reading web page let me know thanks again

16th May 2008, 06:22
You are looking only at fiat. Silver = dollar.

I look at it as a trade. So....Ag/Au increases in respect to the $... I will trade for real estate or what I believe will increase my overall financial view.

The dollar at the moment is not a good place to store wealth.

Wealth does not have to be in fiat alone.