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1st November 2009, 21:51

November Rant
Roger Mason
November 1st, 2009

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value, ZERO" - Voltaire (1729)

Did you know the Cybersecurity Bill of 2009 (S733) will become law soon? This is Rockefellers bill (D-WV) and should be called the Internet Takeover Bill. This will allow Obama to shut down the Internet completely at will. It also turns over management of all networks to government bureaucrats!!! You know, just like Red China. Did Faux News tell you this? "We lie, you believe it." Of course the media won't even tell you until after it passes. You cannot have free speech under Marxism. Both Democrats and Republicans are behind this 'obam-ination", which just shows again there is no difference between the two parties. Just two sides of the same coin- Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. We have a ONE PARTY system in the U.S. with two heads. There is not a nickels worth of difference between Republicrats and Republicrats. Vote Libertarian folks, the only real choice.

Within two or three years one in three American workers are going to be jobless. The real unemployment rate is about 21%, not 10%.Ten percent is a joke. In California the real unemployment rate is now 40% (California Budget Project). That's right- 4 out of 10 California workers cannot get a job. Teenage unemployment is the worst in our history. College grads are working menial jobs. There are six people trying to get every available job. State unemployment funds are exhausted and will soon stop. The 1929 Depression will look like a picnic. As of October 30 we got a correction in both gold and silver. Silver is lagging way behind from its high of $21 in 2008. Silver closed at $16.30. Yes, this is the end of the price manipulation of both metals. The Big Banks can no longer suppress the prices; the game is finally over after all these years. Now you will see precious metals go to the moon along with their stocks. The gold to silver ratio is up to 64 to 1 and will fall back to the historical, traditional 15 to 1 ratio, or even better. Silver is four times better than gold. Lean towards bullion, and hold it yourself. The silver (and gold) stocks are a screaming bargain and still very down in price. The HUI is well under 400 and will soon break out past 500 and take off. Out of the mere 50 real silver mines in the world only about 10 are worth investing in for various reasons. The six we like are ECU (ECU), Endeavor (EXK), Impact (IPT), Great Panther (GPR), U.S. Silver (USA), and First Majestic (FR). All are Canadian except Endeavor. There are many reasons not to invest in 40 some out of the 50 silver stocks that exist, such as mines in unstable countries, poor management, history of hedging, and not producing.

The gold is long gone from Ft. Knox. This is not some right-wing fantasy, but a reality. The required audits have not been done in decades, because there is nothing left to count. Just Google, "Ft. Knox empty", and you can prove this to yourself. The COMEX may well be empty of silver as well. Folks we're almost out of world silver and you can't even think about mining enough to supply the need. You cannot do without silver, and you cannot replace it except with much more expensive metals like platinum. The price is going to explode and hit $200 and keep going. Look at Volatire's quote at the top; paper is paper. Only silver and gold are real money. You are going to see Zimbabwe/Weimar hyperinflation that will shock you. HYPERINFLATION is your future as the Fed prints Monopoly money 24/7.

This is how Social Insecurity will be destroyed, and tens of millions of Americans will be cold and hungry after paying into this Ponzi scheme all their lives...there will be almost no inflation adjustment in the checks, yet we'll have hyperinflation. People will still get their checks, but they won't buy much of anything. Every month they will buy less and less. This is especially going to hurt the welfare crowd, who live day to day on government handouts. When they get cold and hungry they will riot in the streets. That's what the FEMA camps are for basically. The government isn't stupid; it's evil. Don't ever think bureaucrats are stupid; they run the show. Social Insecurity has always been a pyramid scheme destined to fail in the end. It was broke decades ago. They have been robbing Peter to pay Paul for over 40 years now, but Peter is broke. Anyone depending on their "gummint check" to eat is going to starve. The soup kitchens will have very long lines, but not enough soup. At least in 1929 they had soup, but not this time. The Great Depression of 1929 is going to look like a picnic. Don't try to compare the coming Much Greater Depression as there are too many differences. The last one was deflationary, but this one will be inflationary. We had a homogenous citizenry then, but now we're the United Nations. People worked and saved, they had values and character, they went to church and obeyed the law. Families were close and they provided for each other. Welfare was almost non-existent then, but is all pervasive now. Crime was very low then, but now we have more people locked up than any other country in the world per capita. People read books and worked hard eighty years ago, but now they watch mindless reality shows. This is going to be completely different from the previous depression.

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of the Roman decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggles and failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, and consuming wars.
-The Story of Civilization III (1944)

Here is a very interesting chart (courtesy of Mark Lundeen) that comes out every week. Mark compares the DJIA 80 years ago to today. You'll see there is a wide divergence from week 77. Now the DJIA is about 10,000 but there is nothing holding it up but hot air. The stock market has no fundamentals whatsoever to warrant a 10,000 level. The stock market is going to crash folks and never recover.

As goes California, so goes the nation has always been a truism. California now has one-eighth of the entire U.S. population, and a GNP larger than Canada. California is totally and hopelessly broke, bankrupt, out of money. This is the most socialist state in the union even eclipsing Massachusetts. California elected Marxist Princess Pelosi. The U.S. is totally and hopelessly bankrupt, and each family owes $900,000 towards the National Debt. You read that right-almost one million dollars in unpayable debt per family. Every family in America owes almost one million dollars in debt. This is why the Much Greater Depression has already begun and is unavoidable. The sheeple, as always, would rather believe a pretty lie than an ugly truth. Nearly everyone believes we are "recovering", and the "worst is behind us". Boy, do they have a monster surprise coming.

Did you know the top 1% of American wage earners pay 40% of the federal taxes? Did you know the entire bottom third of American wage earners pay almost none? The 1% rich pay 40% of federal taxes yet Obama wants them to pay even more. The 1 in 100 pays FORTY TIMES their fair share. This will cause them to 1) go broke and lay off workers, and 2) go out of business, and 3) leave the country. The socialists are going to kill the Golden Goose as they always do.

Attorney General Eric Holder and Supreme Court Judge Sotomayor have both said there is no 2nd Amendment right to own guns for self protection or any other reason. Your guns will be taken away just as they were in all of Europe, Canada, and Australia.

President Teleprompter declared a National Flu Emergency pandemic for a disease that basically does not exist. This is the door to martial law. Fox News already reported that airports are going to use Thermoscan devices to detect anyone with a fever, so they can be hauled off to prison and be quarantined. The forced vaccinations will never be implemented due to the violent and deadly reaction it will cause. Armed citizens far outnumber the total troops and police. Plus most of the troops and National Guard are in the Mideast killing men, women and children for the glory of the American Empire. Do you want to support out troops? Then bring them home! That's how to support them. Stop sending our boys to fight phony wars in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan for the One World Order. Each solider costs $750,000 a year over there, yet the soldiers get a pittance out of that for risking their lives.

Would you like to make more profit per dollar that Senile in Omaha Buffett? That's easy. Just buy silver bullion and silver stocks and sit back and count the money. Buffett's Famous Berkshire Hathaway has the biggest losers in the world- Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, GE, U.S. Bancorp, AMEX, Bank of America, M&T Bank, and Sun Trust. His stock picks are reflective of a pitiful senile old man who sold his soul to the government years ago.

The Dow Jones is desperately trying to hold on to the 10,000 level and can't do it. There is nothing holding up all the stock markets except hot air, fantasy, desperation, government intervention, and useless hope. Sell any regular stocks you own. Dump your IRA or 401k, take the penalty, and buy silver and silver stocks. You are going to see the DJI fall to 4,000 or less and the S&P 500 fall to 400 or less. It's all completely and totally hopeless here. There are only two things in this world to own and that is silver and gold. Silver is four times better than gold.

Back in 2004 the Associated Press clearly stated that Obama was born in Kenya and was NOT a natural born citizen. This was common knowledge then, and is inarguable now. We have a foreign born Marxist for a president in direct violation of the Constitution.

1st November 2009, 21:52

The housing crash has another two years to go. The median U.S. home will fall to $120,000. You will be able to buy that home for a mere 600 ounces of silver! The commercial real estate crash also has another two years to do. Rents and housing prices will get very cheap, but FOOD will get very expensive. Instead of spending 10% of your salary on food and 30% on rent, this could well reverse. You'll be spending a third of your money just to eat. Go start a small farm and you will prosper during the depression just like that last time 80 years ago. Small farmers are going to thrive while everyone else starves.
On September 8 we sent out the only Emergency Rant telling you gold and silver would correct and it would be the last good buying opportunity. We got a $2 correction soon thereafter.
It is Friday, October 30 2009 and we now have our second and last correction. Silver is down to $16.30 and the HUI is 390. Back up the truck, and buy all the silver bullion and silver stocks you can. Lean towards bullion. Silver stocks have more potential due to leverage, but bullion is safer, bullion is real. This is your last chance to get cheap silver and silver stocks. If you don't know where to buy bullion go to www.silverseek.com and buy it from Jason Hommel. You can also go to Apmex. You can go to the Gaithersburg Coin website (they are in Mary-land). Be sure to compare prices before you buy. You should only pay about 50 cents over spot per ounce.

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO BUY CHEAP SILVER AND SILVER STOCKS. LOAD UP NOW. Back the truck up. The manipulation is finally over after all these years. The Big Banks can no longer manipulate the price of precious metals. Silver and gold are going to explode after this very brief and very mild temporary correction. You're going to see silver blast through $200 and keep going. You'll see gold to at least $5,000. There is nothing else to invest in folks. Silver is the best investment on earth and has been for the last ten years. We are basically out of silver, cannot begin to mine enough for our needs, cannot do without it, and cannot reasonably replace it. Only silver and gold are real money; nothing else. This is your last chance! Go buy all the silver and silver stocks you can. You're going to see massive hyperinflation the likes of which our country has never seen. Silver is it!