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4th May 2008, 10:10
OK , WE take Kelly's great Idea of contacting Congress about the manipulation

One of you smart, great, writers tell the story about silver manipulation, we all copy and paste same,
Then we send the letter to the AP, NBC, CBS, Fixxed News, The Turtle Town Tribune, whatever TV news or paper that exists in this and every country in the world.

And then we do it every day forever, until we force some one with the POWER
to Open their eyes and either buy the rest of the remaining silver, or throw the rats in jail. Amen

4th May 2008, 13:46
Works for me.

4th May 2008, 14:34
If you go to


and look in the left hand column, you'll see a tab called "Media Guide." You can click on it, and then click on your state, and find the e-mail listings for every newspaper, TV station and radio station in any state. Cool, huh?

This will save a bundle of time in trying to hunt things down. You can also contact your congressmen at the same website.

Here are a couple more addresses to e-mail

https://tips.fbi.gov/ - report suspected commodities price fixing to FBI
enforcement@sec.gov report suspected commodities price fixing to SEC

I take my hat off to you both!

5th May 2008, 13:28
Thanks Kelly of the info.... Is there a form letter anywhere explaining the manipulation?? and coruptions? thanks ross

5th May 2008, 21:47
Is there a form letter anywhere explaining the manipulation?? and coruptions?

No, and I am honestly not sure if I know enough about how they are doing it to write that letter. In Ted Butler's latest column though, he says...

"If I’m correct about the 83% threshold not ever being exceeded, the implications for the price of silver (and gold) could be profound. Why? Because it will effectively preclude the big concentrated shorts from adding to their already gigantic short positions. Let’s face it - the CFTC and the NYMEX have been quite as church mice on the issue of concentration. Yet this goes to the heart of the issue of manipulation. Soon, I may call on you to force the regulators to, at least, go on the record to address this concentrated short position, if they continue to ignore it. I can’t predict what they will say, but I can assure you, that with your help, we can get them to be silent no longer. We’ve always been able to achieve that.." http://news.silverseek.com/TedButler/1210018234.php

So Ted is apparently gearing up to do the same thing. It must be in the air! :D So, I think maybe I should write to Ted and ask him to compose that letter. What do you think? I'll bet he'd love to do it, and there is nobody on earth who could do a better job of it. I'll try to write to him tomorrow and let you know what happens. But it might take a few days before I hear back from him.

6th May 2008, 13:08
yea kelly, ask Ted, he should love it, once we get the proper letter we can send it everywhere, everyday. I'll keep looking. thanks ross