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Silver Tiger
29th April 2008, 21:29
Should I just roll them?

29th April 2008, 23:07
Anything else?

Should I just roll them?

30th April 2008, 09:42
Should I just roll them?

Nah...plastic container tubes...look at the coin shop. They stack well and are sturdy. Maybe cost a buck or less.

30th April 2008, 10:46
My dealer doesn't sell any "paraphernalia" other than cardboard 2X2s. OTOH, the silver bin usually has a few rolls of SAEs in tubes so whenever I buy I always politely ask that the tubes be included in the sale.

The trouble here is that all coins are not made alike. I picked up some "dollar tubes" at a recent coin show. I'll not do that again; I tried to put some Englehard Prospector Rounds into one and they fit until about halfway in. I ended up just shoving them down into the bottom. When the day comes to get them out I will have to cut the tube off. In the meantime they sure as heck don't bounce against each other! The same tubes store maples just fine but the darn lids pull off far too easily. Cheap crap, I say.

I am curious as to a good online source (read cheap but not crap) for storage tubes and also whether or not there are actually paper rolls made for half-dollars.

30th April 2008, 17:19
I get FREE paper half rolls at my bank. They're flat, not the nice rolled over ones, but free......

30th April 2008, 17:23
I use either Bank Bags and package them 1000pcs to a bag or Zip lock bag them 100pcs to a bag

3rd May 2008, 18:13

4th May 2008, 02:26
I polish each one with MAAS then put them in plastic tubes I bought from Carolina Coins. As you all may have surmised, I'm not buying huge amounts at a time. As per a previous post. They stack well and the MAAs keeps them from tarnishing. So they say. It is quite the pain to polish each one but I only have to do it once.

Silver Tiger
6th May 2008, 21:46
What is MAAS?

6th May 2008, 23:22
What is MAAS?

MAAS is the brand name for a silve polish. Not knowing anything on the subject I walked into WalMart and after loking at Tarn-X and the others I figured I'd try the MAAS. It works like a charm. Makes 'em shine like new. It even removes tarnish without hardly any work. Although I will add after cleaning about twenty coins in a row it does get tedious but I don't buy many that need cleaning. Just my kennedy halves and e few Engelhards once in a while.

They say it leaves a film on them so they won't tarnish again. Sounds good to me because I only want to clean these things once, put them away and forget 'em. It comes in a tube just lie toothpaste.

7th May 2008, 09:44
I've heard that coin dealers don't like polished coins; or is MAAS just a sealant.
Anyway, just thought i would ask

7th May 2008, 20:32
I've heard that coin dealers don't like polished coins; or is MAAS just a sealant.
Anyway, just thought i would ask

MAAS is a cleaner and polish. I wouldn't use it on numismatics either! I'm just using it on some engelhard rounds and Kennedy 90% halves. I don't think it is going to do anything to reduce the value of silver like that especially if you just do it once.

Silver Tiger
7th May 2008, 21:29
I think I found just what I was looking for:



Box for the tubes: