View Full Version : Win 100 oz of SILVER!

29th April 2008, 12:15

Guess the closing price of gold on May 30th and you got another 100oz of shiny silver to add to your horde!

Is that too cool or what?! :cool::D

6th May 2008, 20:21
Just out of curiosity for those that might have entered this contest, what did you put in?

I said 966.00, but I'm not so certain now the bottom is finished just yet. Even if it is, probably will be too much. Oh well...

7th May 2008, 00:09
Stinks that you have to split it with however many others guess correctly as well. Hope for the best!

7th May 2008, 02:31
Actually, what really stinks is the contest did not say "whoever comes closest to the correct price," the contest stated "whoever guesses the correct price" so if nobody guesses right on the money, it looks to me like nobody wins. :(

I guessed $837.

8th May 2008, 11:34
Yeah I know, they never did answer my email about how a close guess would go... But split or not, 50-100 oz would be sweet indeed!

So I'm keeping my eye more on gold these days, even though I don't have any. Well, seems it's trying that 885-900 ceiling. Just reached it's high, which surpassed the high a few days ago.

I'm expecting the rebound because I figured it would drop only a certain percent, and things are, as some commentary say, going backward from the norm. Anyway, if goes down, good luck to ya Kelly! Might as well be one of us here that wins, eh? :)

mick silver
14th May 2008, 18:26
were do you sign up for the free 100oz of silver , im new helpppppppppp yahooooooo free silver

My Pants Are Cold
14th May 2008, 18:28
were do you sign up for the free 100oz of silver , im new helpppppppppp

Too late, you had to enter by May 1st I believe

mick silver
14th May 2008, 18:29
do they do this every month , were do you go to sign up thanks

14th May 2008, 18:34
I'm not sure if this is a one time deal or something regular. All I know is that they don't have a new one up and running so... Will have to wait and see.