View Full Version : The behavior of Iran and PMs prices this week and beyond

27th September 2009, 14:26
When leaders of countries like Iran start swaggering around and dumping the USD for the Euro everyone expects oil prices to spike. But right now another war with any country would mean printing more money and obviously more inflation. This perceived threat will surely drive PMs prices higher until it is resolved which is why I expect the USD to fall and PMs to rally this evening. I expect this rally will continue "at least" until the 5+1 nations meet to decide on a cohesive plan for sanctions......the wild card being the behavior by Iran before, during and after the meeting.

27th September 2009, 14:34
Always hard to read the tea leaves but we also are coming off of the FED week and the G-20 summit.In other words, Paper manipulation week.:rolleyes:
The dollar could not hold the 77 level.
Fighting at 76 is fierce as well as $1000 Gold.
This is the best Chess game ever! :cool:

27th September 2009, 14:37
But have they actually done it? My observation of the past behaviour of the mullahs is that they talk big but are as disorganized as a group of kindergarten kids. Their oil infrastructure is run down and they have no friends on the opposite side of the Gulf.

The US$ has been counted down many times but always seem to rise again. The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury are undoubtedly hard at work with the Plunge Protection Team. They may not be able to stop the long-term secular decline of FRNs but can react to spikes. Likewise with the long-term rise of gold and silver. I'm sure they have their own technical analysts watching the head-and-shoulders, pivot points, etcetera, ready to counteract the TAers.

27th September 2009, 14:47
The dollar has never bounced back from anything like this before simply because there has never been so much fiat based debt relative to a GDP with so little manufacturing power upon which to draw for a real redound. In addition this is all occurring when the baby boomers are retiring so most of the best an brightest young people graduating from college will be filling newly vacated jobs rather than being pressed by laws of supply and demand to be risk taking innovators and entrepreneurs. This will cause the recovery to be slow and lack luster and leave it vulnerable to a second dip. The only sector that could be a silver lining is green tech but the market for many of these products requires expendable income among people with existing homes. The baby boomers might have been a target market since they own homes but guess what, very few of them have any disposable income right now and won't for the foreseeable future.

27th September 2009, 17:45
What makes the Iran "thing" so dangeous is that they have several oil/natural gas contracts with Russia and China. They want Iran intace no matter what Israel wants to do. There was (and is) ALOT of sabre rattling going on right now. IF Israel does launch an attack all hell could break loose. I always found it convenient that Iraq and Afghanistan sourround Iran. All this is a powder keg waiting to blow. Who knows maybe the powers-that-be want WWIII to help rid the world of this financial crisis???

28th September 2009, 09:46
More of the same if you ask me.

If any of you remotely thinks Machmudmadinakissmyass has any real power then I have some beach front property in Montana to sell ya.

Point is, this region has been constantly spewing the same crap and Iran is just simply showing how big its ego is as well.

This secret base has scary airs of the crap that started this IRAQ conflict and THAT is what is important to notice.

As far as impact on PM's, there is also discussion of sending more innocent stupid kids to Afghanistan.

This dip in silver is going to probably be a short channel. The 9 day is about to go below the 18 once again. Considering the last one was short this could be a bit deeper but also short.

Given the current news I would say 15-16 is still holding as a buy and 14-15 as a very strong buy.

Make your decisions cautiously and carefully everyone.


30th September 2009, 15:30
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30th September 2009, 15:38
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