View Full Version : US Bank Health and Silver

21st September 2009, 19:15
I keep hearing rumors that Wells Fargo is in deep kimchee and Citi is about to bust up it's subsidiaries and reorganize the main store into one of them.

More rumors about G/S and JPM heading into deep water over derivatives.

And then, bankers personally buying up silver for their personal portfolios.

I saw a headline on Yahoo! Finance that talked about upcoming inflation today, and reading the comments, there were the same rumors. I've searched this evening, but I can't find the inflation article itself, let alone the comment that echoed these rumors.

Any smart banker types care to share what they know?

Are bankers themselves investing heavily in PMs, particularly, (cough), silver?

22nd September 2009, 20:39
Where's Milburn Drysdale when you need em!