View Full Version : Nadler Foams at the mouth.

13th September 2009, 03:27
During an impromptu expletive filled interview/rant Jon loses control of his emotions and the bus.
A quick exerpt,,,
Bartender: Hey Jon, How bout that gold stuff? Like over a $1000 an ounce.
Jon: Hey bartender! How about another drinky poo???
Bartender: Sure, You're not driving, right?
Jon: Just give me another bleep bleeping drink,,
Bartender: Any thoughts on where Gold and Silver will go from here?
Jon: Bleeping @#$%^% Gold and Bleeping $%##$ Silver are for bleeping #$@%^ idiots and bleeping @#$% idiots who love their #$@% bleeping Silver and Gold so bleeping much can kiss my bleeping $$%%# white honky,,,bleep till bleep bleep bleep,,,,

O.K.,,,A little hard to distinguish exactly what Jon was trying to convey there but reading between the lines it looks like he is hoping for reinforcements to arrive any time now.
Will post on U-Tube as soon as possible.
Carry-on! :p

13th September 2009, 03:53
I gotta see that :)