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of one mine
7th September 2009, 21:41
Why would it make the move it made today?

7th September 2009, 21:48
Why would it make the move it made today?

It's not a holiday in China!!!!!

7th September 2009, 23:30
Ah, cause, the Dollar is Toast!?

I say we'll hit $17, later today when trading starts!

8th September 2009, 02:30
Hey Guys,

Yeah, Gold just went over the 1000 mark which should get some newbies interested.

$16.70 for silver.. not too shabby.

I really think the silver price is heavily correalated to the Australian Dollar with Mt Isa being the biggest silver producer in the world and BHP and RIO tinto metal giants. Also Australia is a primary commodoties supplier to china, japan etc. IF you can think of a way of exploiting this please let me know. In some ways i wish i was in USA to captilise on the swings but on the other hand its easier to hold without the tempatation of short term small gains.

Problem is its a perfect hedge it seems.. australia dollar goes up vs the USA dollar effectley cancelling out all gains and loses that would have evnetuated.

Well not entirely but for the last two seasons ive been stacking its appearing to be the trend.

So yeah people who do charts may want to note there is either a silver/gold to australian dollar positive relationship OR alternativley and much more commonly considered; The negative ascociation between silver/gold and the US$.

Either way through currency exchange and dollar devaluation there may be futher oppertunities for those with multiple currency denomonation.

Thanks for the enjoyable forum guys. (and girls).

1for1 (gold for silver)