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2nd September 2009, 21:11
This part of an interview with Clif High of Halfpasthuman.com from yesterday 9/1/09. You might want to listen to the attached. He talks of silver from about 2:28 in until around 6:12. Very interesting. The new electrics he speaks of are mentioned in his report from July. It concerns a new technology for electricity that should come to light later this year.


3rd September 2009, 01:08
Yeah, I like what they say. It fits too. Things look like they're falling apart. Since last friday when gold and silver went up when the dollar index was going up was a strong signal. PM's are going up regardless of the Dow or Dollar. Today on CNBC was so much on Gold (and silver) it was unreal. Investment houses saying gold $1500, $1200.... I think silver is fixin to pass $21 soon. As of now, the only silver investor that is still "underwater" are the one's who bought between Jan 1 - Aug 10, 2008. A little over 7 months of of over $15.40. I'd say 90% of the people here are in the good.

5th September 2009, 00:41
Thanks for the tip, Jim. I did not know about this latest show and will listen to it as soon as I have time.

I wanna hear more about targeted assassinations of TPTB and their minion class (politicians) by angry mobs using improvised weapons like "sticky balls of fire."

Even if the web bots are FOS, the entertainment value of their ALTA reports is worth the 10 FRNs.

5th September 2009, 09:36
I agree with the interviewer when he says " the years 20-25 which is astrologically which is the beginning of the spring of the century which is also
the moment when Pluto leaves Capricorn and goes into Aquarius, that makes sense"

Because according to my horoscope

Weekly Planet Overview:

Mars has recently moved into Cancer, stirring up feelings and encouraging certain people to be more moody than usual. The Sun is in hard-working Virgo, Mercury in Libra, and Venus in Leo. It's a real mixed bag! However, Mercury will be turning retrograde on Sunday and will turn direct once again on September 29. Use this retrograde period to reflect on your motives, clear out clutter and make yourself some space. Sparkly Jupiter is also retrograde, teaching you to make your own luck!

So i thought I'd make some space here on SS for myself

Good stuff keep it coming :D