View Full Version : Bob Chapman On Gold, Silver, A Bank Holiday And The Monetary Elite

24th August 2009, 15:24
Daily Bell: Are gold and silver markets manipulated?

Chapman: Gold and silver markets are manipulated, but so are most other markets as well. Under Executive Order 12631 the government does as it pleases in markets.I have the order right here. It is entitled "Working Group on Financial Markets" and it came into force on March 18, 1988 signed, unfortunately, by Ronald Reagan.

Daily Bell: Do the fundamentals remain bullish for gold and silver?

Chapman: If the US and other governments had not suppressed gold prices it would currently be at $2,500. Thus, gold on fundamentals is a steal at current prices. Sooner or later the elitists will lose control.


6th June 2012, 03:27

I will miss his presence.

duneyman jr
7th June 2012, 18:14

I will miss his presence. I was wondering why he wasnt on any radio shows , till today. He was very interesting person.

7th June 2012, 19:20
The all-knowing Bob Chapman was a regular on numerous radio shows over the years, including our own Goldseek Radio with Chris Waltzek as well as Alex Jones' Infowars. (Don't admit here that you never listened to Goldseek Radio...) Do a search on YouTube for more.

Mr. Chapman was universally respected as a very knowledgeable, well-informed and honest man who shared everything with others. Read archives of his writings in The International Forecaster. This is one of my favorites from August 2008: http://theinternationalforecaster.com/International_Forecaster_Weekly/The_Big_Sting_Two

Bob is an example of a life well lived and will be sorely missed by many.