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11th April 2008, 00:47
Obviously, this is all hypothetical, but, how much do you think would be a comfortable amount of silver to hold, to survive this uncertain future before us? Is 1000 oz. or 10,000 oz. going to be enough? We can only afford what we can in the end. Any theories?

11th April 2008, 11:18

New member here, I'll throw in my 2 cents...and if they are pre 1982 cents then I am throwing in my 5 cents...I buy whenever I possibly can and have been for 8 years now, I hope when (and if) the SHTF it will be enough! All I can do is keep my stash hidden and my fingers crossed. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH SILVER!

11th April 2008, 13:01
Silver can serve certain purposes, but it cannot serve others.

For example, if you were in New Orleans a few years back immediately after the storms, no amount of silver would buy you uncontaminated drinking water if none was available, or those who were in possession of such water or the means of producing it required it for their own survival.

It's easy to horde one thing, particularly when you see others doing it as well, but do not allow your greed for and glee at a big pile of shiny metal overcome you.

You cannot eat or drink silver, it will not keep you warm, it won't cook your food, it won't grow your crops, it won't teach you how to do any of the things that keep humans healthy and happy. If these things are available to purchase from someone else than you may be able to use your silver to obtain them, but why wait? Diversify, spend some of your money on these things now while there is plenty of leeway for making mistakes, and then keep the knowledge in your head, where it is free to transport, always available, and cannot be stolen.

11th April 2008, 14:00
The question remains how do you cash it in ? If the economy is bad who is the buyer ? :confused:

Once I find a resonable place that will always buy silver and gold on it's spot value i guess I will go all in but until then, what good is it without a buyer ?

11th April 2008, 16:37
Type in "silver bar 10" on Ebay and look at the prices.