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5th July 2009, 03:22
I've stumbled upon an interesting headline on http://www.thebulliondesk.com/

NEWSBREAK - Silver coin demand soars but paper investment sours - UBS

But since I'm not a member (way too expensive), I can't access it and I can't find it on the internet.
Where does UBS post such news ?

5th July 2009, 07:19
Where does UBS post such news ?

This might be the article: UBS Silver (https://fx1.oanda.com/mod_perl/news/article.pl?id=972941)

Those pay sites are tricky. They paraphrase quotes (eg. "Silver coin demand soars...") so when you search for it, only their site comes up. Also, if you notice, the site only uses the UBS headline, the actual article is theirs. Took me 15 minutes maybe to find the UBS info.

Hope it helps.

...or search around for "John Reade UBS" articles...

5th July 2009, 09:00

I'm usually pretty good with google but I could not find it.
They sure know how to make those headlines interesting. :)