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24th June 2009, 10:15
Well ladies and germs, it looks like as of right now I'm in a class all my own. I just noticed this morning that my title has went from being "Senior Member" to Silver Seeker Senior Member!!! I don't know how I obtained this distinguished honor, perhaps its from posting good stuff or just being a jerk trying to create some semblance of order and continuity on my favorite silver forum. I'm really thinking that because my Penguins won the Stanley Cup and I'm their biggest fan, well its kinda like my own championship.

Bask in my greatness everyone! :D

24th June 2009, 12:44
I suspect it's just a sympathy title because you admit to sitting through one of those boring games.

27th June 2009, 12:28
You do just fine, Myllari.

27th June 2009, 13:21
You're in Pittsburgh, right?

27th June 2009, 14:24

27th June 2009, 14:46
Congratulations Mylläri!

28th June 2009, 21:48
Richly Deserved!
What happened again?:confused:
Reminds me of the Gracho Marx quote, "Any club that would have me as a member I wouldn't want to be part of"
Congrats, I think.;)

29th June 2009, 10:55
You're in Pittsburgh, right?

The only cities I claim as home are:

Paris, IL
Granite City, IL
Omaha, NE

But yes, I am in the City of Champions (and the Pirates) :D

29th June 2009, 21:44
I'm from a suburb of Pgh, born and raised there. Us Pittsburghers (no, it's not 'we Pittsburghers', there's a difference) like our home-town boys to win.

I'm in Fort Walton Beach now, but I sure get homesick.

Hope the forum bosses give you comp tickets to Kenneywood with your promotion!

P.S. The Thunderbolt, the Racer, and the Jackrabbit, in that order.

2nd July 2009, 15:41
I'm thinking that you're wondering why I post so much about St. Louis, well as it happens I travel there on a regular basis. Back when I lived in Granite City I frequented many PM dealers in the area which I'm still on great terms with. Frankly I schedule most of my PM spending occasions around when I'll be there as I prefer to deal with them. Also my mother lives in Jerseyville, IL (north of STL) and I have a lot of stuff sent to her for safe keeping until I can retrieve it. My dad lives in Paris, IL on the Illinois-Indiana border and I have a lot of family in western PA and the Wheeling, WV area. My life pretty much revolves around the I-70 corridor, with the majority of my time over the past two months dedicated to Pittsburgh and I think you know why :)

I have property in St. Louis, Granite, Paris, and Pittsburgh. I'm trying to acquire property in Finland and Norway but that is proving to not be an easy task. So I'm having my best lady friend who is Finnish work on that for me. No property in Omaha, but I was stationed in Offutt AFB for a long time when I was in the USAF so I have many ties to that city. Thats my story on why I refer to these cities as my "hometowns."