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Willie Hunter
9th June 2009, 22:30
Do people who stack silver do it forever or is there a limit? Do you ever off the silver or just pass it along to the kids? I would think that at some point a person would say that is enough and at some price might even sell.

Willie Hunter
9th June 2009, 22:56
No. As we turn into a deflationary depression- convert silver into gold.

My source is Bob Chapman.

Do you figure that on the gold/silver ratio?

9th June 2009, 22:59
If one understands the true fundamentals of silver, they know that it is one of the best (if not the best) bargain investments this world has to offer. IMO, it would take very desperate conditions for someone with that knowledge to even consider "cashing out" at the present time.

9th June 2009, 23:29
Everyone has, or should have, their own reason for investing. Some of us are saving for something, often real estate. Some, like myself, just plan on swapping silver for gold and gold for silver until the Lord calls.

Some don't know what the reason is and they are the ones asking odd questions, whining about the daily swings, and worrying about selling their PMs to buy food some day. It takes a while to make them understand that you don't stack silver to pay daily expenses during the collapse, you stack to rebuild your life AFTER the collapse.

10th June 2009, 02:18
Silver's down $0.02 in the last 40 mins... :cry:

10th June 2009, 02:33
I started to stack seriously when I bought a rather large lot on an auction site. I kept the bits I wanted and sold the rest on and broke even. I did have a set target of ounces that I would reach and then I would stop. But everytime I see a bargain I still have to have a dabble.

I don't think I'll ever be totally without silver. I've had it in some form or other since I was a child. All those things I heard when I was a kid made me believe that silver was something valueable to hold... I.e. the phrase, 'Selling the family silver' when times got hard. Or the fact that my parents and grand-parents got me to look out for the old coins that contained silver as they were worth something.

So the answer to your question in my case is that there isn't a set figure, but I wouldn't let it get out of hand (like fill a room - as if :)). The stack fluctuates but I will always have a core stack of silver to rely on.

11th June 2009, 20:25
Personally, I hold for use as a hedge agains inflation. I do not intend to keep it forever and pass it on. Saving for retirement is more like it. However, if certain circumstances present themselves, I would sell much earlier than that. (If you had bought early 70's & sold in '80, you would have made a ton. Then you could have gone out and gotten your stash back for a fraction of what you made, and made another smaller ton last year.......too bad I was born mid-70's.......