View Full Version : Has Anyone Noticed The Price Drop In 90%

21st May 2009, 00:44
I was looking at Tulving today and the price for 90% dimes and quarters has plunged all the way down to spot (zero premium). Their halves still have a premium of 69 cents, while 40% coins are selling for 25 cents under spot.

It appears the honeymoon for junk silver is over for now.

Of course all dealers buy and sell at different price ranges, however Tulving is now buying 90% coins for 50 cents under spot and 40% coins at 70 cents under spot.

If you like junk silver, now may be the best time to buy, before the premiums become ridiculous again!!

21st May 2009, 00:56
Those premiums were absolutely stupid, about time reality reasserted itself. At one time, I was seeing premiums of 40% over spot... for a form of silver that needs to be refined on top of it all. My guess is dealers who had bought at $16+/oz didn't want to sell for a loss, but all the expensive junk silver has finally been flushed through the system and its getting back to normal. I've also seen junk silver at like 4% below spot, I think that's where we might be headed.