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27th March 2008, 20:13
my wife has a silver atocha coin mounted in gold that she wears as a necklace. she wore it in a pool and the chlorine turned it black. what is the safest way to clean the coin that wont deminish the value?

28th March 2008, 14:48
If there was any damage done to your coin it happened when it took a dip in the chlorinated pool water. So "cleaning" your coin should involve something that won't damage it further. For ALL my silver I use some stuff called

e*Z*est coin cleaner by Athena

It works great and after rinsing there's NOTHING left behind. Plus there's no rubbing so you won't damage anything by doing that. You just dip it in the container for about 5 seconds, pull it out and rinse it off and you're silver looks like new.
Of course, I'd get a second opinion about using this on something so valuable. But looking over the label they say you can use it "on uncirculated and proof coins to remove tarnish and finger marks" and they say it's "safe" just don't breath any of the vapors.

Good luck and let us know how you did!!