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23rd April 2009, 19:08
Microsoft's Live Cashback is now:

8% as of 4/26. Down from 14%.

Applies to "Buy It Now" items with PayPal. Seller must be also using the PayPal checkout and not a third party checkout.

Enjoy it while you can before percentage changes. See post #4 for detailed instructions by unsmart3d. Thanks unsmart3d!

23rd April 2009, 19:22
Microsoft's Live Cashback is now at 14%! ;)

Add the ebates 3% and you get a phat 17% off all your silver hoarding hands on ebay! :D

Applies to "Buy It Now" items with PayPal. Seller must be also using the PayPal checkout and not a third party checkout.

Enjoy it while you can before percentage changes.

New to all this so I'm goging to ask a stupid question .How the hell do you buy and sell off of ebay and what is an ebate ?(ok technically thats two stupid questions)

23rd April 2009, 19:23
Thanks for posting! You beat me to it. I just picked up a hundred Roosevelt 90% silver for $110 with free shipping. Cashback makes it out to $91.30, which is below the melt value!

Go go go!!!

23rd April 2009, 20:57
Live Cashback Basic Instructions

Create a Windows Live ID (https://signup.live.com/signup.aspx) first, if you don't already have one.
Open a live cashback account (https://cashbackaccount.search.live.com/cashback/HasWindowsLiveId.aspx) using your Windows Live ID and enter all of your information.
When the account is set up, proceed to live.com (http://www.live.com/) and do a search for an item (http://search.live.com/results.aspx?q=gold+bullion&form=QBRE).
Click the first link with the golden dollar symbol that says "You may get 14% with PayPal if eligible". You will be redirected to eBay.
Find an item on eBay you want to purchase. It must be a "buy it now" item!
Click buy it now and make sure the green "14% cashback" logo is displayed on the second page before you hit "confirm purchase".
You must pay with the same Paypal account linked to your Ebay account within an hour of winning the item. The green cashback logo should also show up when you log into Paypal to complete the transaction.
Check your eBay message within the next 5 minutes, you should be getting a message that says "You've Got Cashback!" and the content will have a button "Get Cashback" on the right side. Click on it.
Now it should bring you back to live.com page, asking you to log into your live.com account to claim your cashback.


It can take 24-48 hours for the money to show up as pending in your cashback account.
Be patient. 60 days later the funds will be released and you can cash out with Paypal. For some transactions (random), the cashback will be instant!

Ebay cashback is limited to $200 per transaction and 20 transactions per eBay account. There is also an annual $2,500 limit per year per person. (See full eBay agreement here (http://pages.ebay.com/CASHBACKOFFER/TERMS.HTML))


Q: Do you still get the cashback if you use a coupon?
A: With the exception of eBay promotions, coupons and gift certificates, Cashback Rewards cannot be combined with any other offer on purchases on www.eBay.com. (Quoted from eBay's cashback TOS (http://pages.ebay.com/cashbackoffer/terms.html))

Q: How do I get an eBay coupon?
A: Ebay sends coupons to random people. No one is sure about the reasoning behind who gets one and who doesn't. Check your email or your "my eBay" page to see if you got one. Some people claim that linking your PayPal account to your eBay account increases your odds of getting a coupon, as sometimes the eBay coupons actually come from PayPal.

Q: I can't get the cashback to display!
Directly to the left of your Live user ID, cashback, and Options, it will list your country. If it is not displaying United States, click the country name, and change it to the United States.
If using Firefox, disable Ad-Blocker Plus (or any similar ad blockers)

23rd April 2009, 22:19
I have never used the Microsoft live feature. My green flag is only saying 8%. Is there another step or has the percentage dropped since the earlier posts. Thanks.

26th April 2009, 09:25
Thanks for that step by step post unsmart3d. I've heard about this but didn't really know how it worked. Is this free to use or is there a membership fee?

My Pants Are Cold
26th April 2009, 11:55
What search parameters do you use to increase number of "cashback" hits?

When I searched "silver bullion" I got 4,720,000 results. first 15 pages I get no "cashback" hits. Even puting "cashback" into search hasn't helped.

...and thanks for the cashback instructions.

26th April 2009, 21:17
Macbook Pro, first sponsored listing everytime.