View Full Version : Silver -- My New Action "die Hard" Movie "buy-hard"

23rd March 2008, 20:30
But of recent, Times have changed, The Sleeping Giant has woke & finally we MAY have the Shorts by the short hairs.

Anyway, I have moved to the edge my seat, because the SILVER Action FLick which I call ""BUY-HARD" has begun.
There ain't no turning back now.

I'm LQQKING forward to the time when Silver makes daily $5.00 & $10.00 swings.

And when crafty folks are buying silver out of motel rooms, like in 1979-80.

Let us see what happens this Sunday evening-- Will it Jump $3.00 Again?
Pass the Pop-Corn.

23rd March 2008, 21:05
we had the shorts on the ropes and they just hit us with a lucky Haymaker......right now were covering-bobing-weaving-trying to shake the cobwebs.......good ole physical is all that kept us standing.(gawd knows we cant fight their paper when they can print it out of thin air)

maybe we need to shake the cobwebs before we start talking about knocking them out.

if we can duck, bob and weave the next couple of weeks maybe we can get them on the ropes again. I still think we are way stronger

Now if we can pop right back up and whack the shorts again real fast it might be over!!!!!

Maybe a new "ROCKY" movie?

24th March 2008, 00:40
Yea, we need a Hitman, er Hit-person for the shorts. I remember when Ted B. was hoping the former Gov E. Spitzer would clean up the stealing....well

Maybe the True Market will actually get them in the end. we can only watch, I hope it's fun. good luck.