View Full Version : those who want silver under 30.00 in physical form read

3rd January 2013, 21:17
There is an exchange not sure what its called now maybe the NYSE of LIFFEE or EURONEXT

you can buy "minis" or 1000oz bars and take delivery

ive done it its a process and you gotta jump thru a hoop, but its a smaller number at 30k for a bar vs the cmx at 150k

fyi only

I know many of you have showed your disdain for the paper, but you can turn this paper into AG if you want and if you live in NY its a lot easier Chicago fairly easy SanFran a little harder

elsewhere you might have to get on plane to do it or pay someone just thought id point it out

4th January 2013, 02:12
Would be nice if they had a storefront in Las Vegas, Nevada. Would make a business trip more tolerable.