View Full Version : Grandma's silver has arrived,DONT PANIC!!

20th March 2008, 07:47
Im a new guy, so please bear with my theory. ive been reading this board and over at GIM and i see the panic amongst ourselves starting.The dealers are short on silver because of a dramatic increase in purchases...nothing more.IMO. Look at it this way, if you own an auto parts store,and stocked GM truck alternators, let say 10 at any given time, and then there was a problem with these trucks where the alternators all failed, well, pretty soon you would be depleted,no? and the factory has to catch up and produce more of these units to send to you.meanwhile, your OUT! Dealers near me report many people SELLING bags of scrap Au and Ag, and many people buying bullion.Ive read on these boards similar scenes from all over. the scrap takes time to be processed into bars/bullion and thats where our shortage is im not disputing market manipulation at all, but there are other factors, Au ,especially at its high cost, means bars have to be re-made into bullion, Thats the largest form of sale is 1 oz bullion ,not to many of us on here discuss buying physical Gold in 100 oz bars! Grandma's silver is being dumped into the market right now,the TV and magazines are loaded with "just found at 9:15 AM" ads, and the dealers are running out of inventory. Soon, the market will absorb this current dump ,which by the way also includes much "$5" silver,bought by many years ago that want to see a 400% profit on their investment (hence many 1980s and 1990s Eagles showing up) forcing the spot price down......Temporarily.I predict by late May-early June we will have absorbed this dump, then we will see our $30+ oz prices sooner than later. DONT PANIC!

20th March 2008, 11:52
No panic just a bit of underarm perspiration.