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19th March 2008, 03:46
I found this article over at 321 gold and thought the community here also may like to read it. Here's a few paragraphs and the link where you can read it in it's entirety:

When Do I Sell My Silver?

Larry LaBorde
Mar 18, 2008

People are always asking me, "When should I sell my silver?" Well that question is much easier to ask than to answer. I often times tell them whenever the government starts acting responsibly and not only balances the budget but finally decides that it has grown too fat and announces they are going on a fiscal diet.

Many people want an actual dollar target to write down so that they will know exactly when to get out. Well since the dollar is shrinking that target number keeps getting bigger. That is exactly the problem with a shrinking yardstick. It is hard to measure something today and for it to have any meaning in the future. So what can we use instead of dollars to measure when to sell our silver? Because make no mistake, there will be a time to sell sometime in the future.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" recently stated that he has a large position in silver and plans to exit when his target is met. He says when the cost of a median priced single family home in the US sells for 500 oz of silver (or 40 oz of gold) he believes it will be time to exit the silver market. Of course he says he will not go back into dollars but most likely trade his silver for undervalued income producing real estate. So in other words he believes silver is still VERY undervalued at this point. As a matter of fact since the average existing single family home is now $218,000 it would take a silver price of $436/oz in today's money for 500 oz of silver to purchase it. So he is looking for another x 20 rise in silver value before the top is reached ($21 x 20 = $420/oz). Of course do not write $420/oz on the wall as your exit point because by the time we get there in the next 5 to 15 years that amount of federal reserve notes will not mean the same thing. You just have to stop thinking in terms of FRNs or dollars and start thinking in terms of value or what your silver will purchase.

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