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Mighty Moose
16th June 2012, 17:17

Someone Is Lying: How Can Greece Bring Down The Global Economy?
Posted by Dave in Denver
Friday, June 15, 2012

It was noteworthy that George Soros, the world's most successful currency speculator, was revealed this week to
have tripled his position in gold in the first quarter of this year. That he is a man who knows his currencies is without
question. That he chooses gold speaks volumes. - David Galland, Casey Research

"I'm confused. I'm not really sure why the world should be in fear of a Greek systemic collapse and exit from the EU/euro. LINK So, while most of the world's hoi polloi chooses to accept news that is fed to them like hungry ducklings with their beaks open waiting to be fed by momma duck (the elitists), I prefer to look under the "hood" of a proposition that, prima facie, seems absurd. Furthermore, unless I'm missing something, the world is being willingly fed a gigantic lie by the elitists.

The proposition is that if the Syriza party wins Sunday's elections, the Greek austerity programs required for and EU bailout of Greece would be abandoned, Greece would exit the EU and reinstate the drachma as its currency. The sum of these events would cause global systemic chaos.

Let's examince the situation. According to wikipedia, Greece is the 32nd largest economy in the world based on GDP and the 37th largest based on purchasing power. Seems somewhat insignificant so far. Greece's nominal GDP is $312 billion. As a percent of total EU economic output - $12.6 trillion in 2011 - Greece represents a miniscule 2.4%. As a percent of total EU+US economic output, Greece represents 1%. 80% of Greece's economy is service based, the rest is agriculture, fishing and industry. Greek sovereign debt is around $450 billion. The U.S. stated Treasury debt outstanding is close to $16 trillion. The U.S. Government issues an additional $450 billion in debt every 3 1/2 months.

Now I'm even more confused. How could the collapse of such a seemingly economically insignifant country in comparison to the rest of the world cause global systemic/financial turmoil? Before you read on, please see this report regarding Greek derivatives: LINK

The Truth of the matter is that the situation with Greece is being used as the cover-job to mask the truth about the catastrophic derivatives exposure of the world's biggest banks. I demonstrated a couple days ago how looking at just Greece in isolation could lead to tens of billions in losses for the biggest banks - primarily JP Morgan - if Greece leaves the EU and reinstates the drachma as its currency.

The fact of the matter is that if proper OTC derivatives regulations and oversight had been in place - more importantly, properly enforced - then the situation in Greece would barely be newsworthy. Zimbabwe went through a financial/monetary collapse a few years ago which culminated in a "do-over" for its curency and most people in the world probably never even heard of Zimbabwe or could tell you where it is. What's the difference between Greece and Zimbabwe? Off-balance-sheet OTC derivatives.

Once again - just like the 2008 bailout of the U.S. Too Big To Fail Banks - we are being fed a gigantic lie by the political and banking elitists. The global financial system is in extreme peril because of the catastrophic loss-exposure embedded in the near-quadrillion OTC derivatives positions of the world's biggest banks, which are primarily U.S.-based. JP Morgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutche Bank, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays and Society Generale. Those are your culprits - not Greece.

And the Greek situation - just like the Lehman collapse provided a cover-story for the massive mult-trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street's finest in 2008 - is nothing more than an insidious cover-story to enable the Fed/ECB/BOE to print up and inject several more trillion in paper fiat currency in order to bail out the big banks listed above out of their catastrophic insolvency, rendered largely by moral hazard-enabled investment failures made worse by the layering of 10's of trillions in derivatives over the bad investments.

That's the bottom line and that's the Truth that you will never hear about from any politician or any mainstream media source. And here's what the non-western Central Banks are doing about the political/financial disaster over which they have no control: LINK You'll note that since 2008, the BRIC Central Banks and other peripheral Asian/South American countries have become big net buyers of physical gold (not GLD and not CEF/GTU). The charts in that article do not include China. China not only does not allow the export of the 300+ tonnes of gold internally mined, it is now the world's largest importer of physical gold bullion. In other words, China is aggressively and voraciously accumulating physical gold.

I think the message in that link and the message conveyed by China's actions pretty much tells us all we need to know about the future of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency and the future direction of the price of gold. As the article mentions, gold represents less than 15% of the listed countries' Central Banking reserves. What it does not mention is that one way to make that number a lot larger is for the price of gold to rise substantially in price. Please note that in 1933 the U.S. - with its currency backed by gold - revalued the price of gold by 75% from $20/oz to $35/oz for the specific purpose of instantaneously increasing value of its gold reserves and increasing the ratio of gold as percentage of its total reserves.

I would suggest that eventually we will see a globally coordinated event (which may or may not include the U.S.) that will accomplish the same purpose as was undertaken by FDR in 1933, but on a much larger scale. Please take another look at the..."

Read at ---> http://truthingold.blogspot.ca/2012/06/someone-is-lying-how-can-greece-bring.html

17th June 2012, 00:16
Of course. And as gold goes, so goes silver. Silver is but a modest man's gold.

17th June 2012, 00:59
Greek, Spanish savings flee eurozone crisis



Savers across Europe are fleeing the continent's debt crisis. In Europe's most economically stricken countries, people are taking their money out of their banks as a way to protect their savings from the continent's growing financial storm. Worried that their savings could be devalued, or that banks are on the verge of collapse and that governments cannot make good on deposit insurance, people in Greece, Spain and beyond are withdrawing euros by the billions -- behavior that is magnifying their countries' financial stresses. The money is being hoarded at home or deposited in banks in more stable economies.


17th June 2012, 01:01
I dare you to tell me you didn't see it coming.

18th June 2012, 15:02
It's all Greek to me.

All jokes aside though, now that Greece has decided to stay in, it looks like the markets are, for the time being, looking at Spain and possibly Italy.

I was expecting silver prices to jump, but we may have to wait awhile longer until the house of cards finally tumbles down.

21st June 2012, 12:11
It's all Greek to me.

All jokes aside though, now that Greece has decided to stay in, it looks like the markets are, for the time being, looking at Spain and possibly Italy.

I was expecting silver prices to jump, but we may have to wait awhile longer until the house of cards finally tumbles down.

It wasn't Greece that decided.