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27th November 2011, 15:10
Watching American society devolve into the social wasteland it is today has been a painful process.

The 'Black Friday' phenomenon with mindless mass consumers scratching and clawing for useless trinkets is one such reminder....and cannot be denied. It's disgusting....and difficult to watch.

Jim Quinn came out with what I thought was an excellent treatise on where and what American society has degraded into. I really liked it...thought it was well written and layed it out in a way that could be presented to those that resemble the Epsilons in American Society.

I'll be printing it to paper and handing it out to any 'sheep' interested in awakening from their slumber.

Americans truly suffer from an identity crisis....moving past the denial stage is critical.


"Enlightenment....is the unbiased cognition of 'Tyranny', in all its forms" -AgShaman

27th November 2011, 17:03
I firsted that emotion: http://forums.silverseek.com/showthread.php?58451-Another-IDIOT-Friday!!!-LOL!!!