View Full Version : Best place to store silver bullion?

23rd February 2008, 15:11
I just started buying silver bullion bars and coins early last year and I am starting to think that keeping them in my home might not be the best idea. Where is a good place to store it? Is a safe deposit box a good storage location? Should I keep it in multiple places?

24th February 2008, 00:20
Hello there,
Please read the "Help Appreciated" thread above. It has mucho good info and some storage tips.
I would keep my huge silver hoard*** in a large (too large to be stolen) safe locked in the lower level of my house/fortress. Perhaps a floor safe if you are a beginning HOARDER. Or cleverly hidden about your abode. Let 2 people you trust know where you keep the bounty. Don't want it lost in history.
If you don't hold it yourself, you may not have it, or get to keep it.
Physical silver IS yours,
Jay the Jester
***I like American Silver Eagles!

24th February 2008, 19:41
If you haven't done it yet, google the "Gold is Money" (GIM) forum. Do a search of "storing physical metals" or words to this effect. There is a wealth of information you can access in a number of threads that have been posted about this subject.

27th February 2008, 21:29
Hi everyone! New here. I store my silver in a sentry safe in my house. with safe and silver content it weighs aprox. 250 lbs. the guy that trys to steal this will break his back!!,,and as i buy more, it weighs more!!