View Full Version : Chinese Gov:Nervous? just 2 weeks and your main debtor could go bust

strongman shelford
18th July 2011, 22:37
what is.the strategy.clowns not reaching a deal

19th July 2011, 12:03
what is.the strategy.clowns not reaching a deal

this is, and has been foreseen.

Fall Babylon the great she will, she who made all the nations drink the wine of her adulteries.
Soon the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her,

Burn, Burn, Burn her with Fire

I have seen the cup filled with abominable things and the vaporous filth of her lies

Some will cry Woe, Woe and even shed a tear for her as they had fornicated and made themselves wealthy, and so they were

19th July 2011, 12:25
foreseen that they will not make a deal?

need more Bill! MORE! :D