View Full Version : When Silver was $2.20 an ounce.

11th July 2011, 07:12
That was back in 1973. You could pick Silver for $2.20 per ounce, or about 1.10 Sterling. Interestingly I found a newspaper (UK Daily Mirror 0.03p) from August 23rd 1973. Back then no one would have believed you if you said Silver was going to $50 six years later. They would have laughed.

Anyway a few things in the Paper made me laugh. Check out these food prices.

Butter 9p for Half a Pound.
Tea Bags 19p for 72.
Pepsi Cola 16.5p for 3 cans.
Corn Beef 36p for 12oz tin.
Toilet Rolls 9.5p for 4 rolls.
Instant Coffee 47p for 8oz jar
Dog Food 10.5p for large tin.
Marmalade 11p for 1lb jar.
Oven Ready Turkey 27p per pound.

And these jobs.

Prison Officer 24.69 per Week Basic.
TV. and Audio Engineer 2000+ per year.
Personnel Officer 1750 per year.

And this story.

"Britains highest paid teenager gets 147 per week!" -he was getting more than a Circuit Judge.

And some people still think $50 Silver was the top.