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1st November 2007, 15:35
Anyone heard of a company called Entrex or the Private Company Index? Apparently they have developed a way for you to be able to invest in private companies, but I wanted to check to see if anyone has any experience with them before I decided whether or not to try it out. Any info you might have about them would be great. Thanks

7th November 2007, 19:12
I did a bit more research on this since no one replied. Here it is in case anyone cares. I found a press release on Yahoo saying that the Private Company Index just celebrated their 2nd anniversary. The article also says a little about how they keep track of the companies financial info for investors. Lastly it says that so far it has shown a 420% greater return than the average of the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P Small Cap 600 indices performance in the same 24 month period. (I placed the link to the press release below just in case anyone cares to see it)

Anyways, just wanted to share the information. Hope it is useful to you.