View Full Version : large delivery of weapons to Israel

12th January 2009, 08:19

A very large delivery of US weaponry to Israel consisting of 3,000 tons of "ammunition" is scheduled to sail to Israel. The size and nature of the shipments are described as "unusual":

"Shipping 3,000-odd tons of ammunition in one go is a lot," one broker said, on condition of anonymity.

"This (kind of request) is pretty rare and we haven't seen much of it quoted in the market over the years," he added.

"Shipping brokers in London who have specialized in moving arms for the British and U.S. military in the past said such ship charters to Israel were rare. (Reuters, Jan 10, 2009)

13th January 2009, 11:29
This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone...

1. U.S. Government gives billions in aid every year to Israel, much of which they spend buying military equipment from American defense industry. Money somehow finds its way to politicians who schill for defense industry, great money laundering scheme.

2. Israel has seemingly endless means of doing whatever the **** they want which is just fine with America and its allies.

13th January 2009, 11:43
congress goes all ga ga over Israel too. one day they will find the person they bombed was 'Anne Frank!

13th January 2009, 13:53
Don't forget that Israel has arguably the most effective intelligence agency in the world today. The U.S. tries to get information from wiretapping and bank account but the Mossad actually uses people in the field, which makes there information much more reliable that ours. We can't afford to leave Israel hanging, at least from the perspective of government.