View Full Version : Conspiracy 101: Hillary Assassinates 4 to become President

6th January 2009, 12:33
The Presidential Succession Law of 1947 addressed the simultaneous disability of both the president and vice president. Under this law, here are the offices and current office holders who would become president should both the president and vice president be disabled. Remember, to assume the presidency, a person must also meet all the legal requirements to serve as president.

1. Vice President of the United States - Joe Biden
2. Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi
3. President pro Tempore of the Senate - Robert Byrd

Secretaries of the president's Cabinet now fill out the balance of list of succession:

4. Secretary of State - Hillary "Black Mamba" Clinton

So here's the deal, Hillary will knock off Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and the Cryptkeeper to become President of the USA! Don't think its possible, eh? Well get a fucking time machine and go back to July 20, 1993 and ask Vince Foster right before Hillary busts a cap in his jabrone ass.

6th January 2009, 14:28
Vince, you've got to go.
Where Hillary?
How long?
A long time!
Is that a gun?
Too many questions--Say good night Vince.
I am a little tired.
Time for a nice dirt nap then.

7th January 2009, 13:10
HEADLINE: Senator Robert Byrd dies at age 91

The oldest member of the United States Senate has finally died.

HEADLINE: Clinton rampage at Byrd funeral, Hillary assumes Presidency

This morning at the funeral of "older than ****" U.S. Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd, newly appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took it upon herself to savage everyone ahead of her in the Presidential Succession Order as well as newly inagurated President Barack Obama. President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Speaker of the House Pelosi all joined Senator Byrd for a dirt nap while now de facto President Hillary gave a press conference. President Hillary Clinton addressed the world:

"To every American who has supported Barack Obama with the euphoric delusion that he was new and different but ended up realizing that he was never any different than any other American politician, you have realized your folly and idiocy as people. You all should have just elected me in the first place so that there would be no delusions as I would have done the exact same things as expected. Ha ha ha ha ha! Bow before your new queen!!!"