View Full Version : New Protocols For Permanent Layoffs of Rednecks

4th January 2009, 19:50

5th January 2009, 11:03
The GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin just closed for good (right before Christmas). I just don't see anything that could possibly replace these jobs. The Chrysler plant in Belvediere, IL can't be doing that well either. It's just ugly all over.

5th January 2009, 12:47
I seen that a few places- the workers simply went on w/o the boss. and the place even made a profit.

My Pants Are Cold
5th January 2009, 18:52
I blame unions

6th January 2009, 17:00

6th January 2009, 20:57
One relative went in and worked two hours before told not needed for rest of the week, other has 2 hours 45 minutes since Monday a.m. and has no idea what tomorrow brings.

Sister in law had a job at a retail store (shes working 2 jobs now),and the request from mgmt was that if you are going to be late, call in and let them know. She called in late once, and was told on the phone that they didn't need her to come in anyway. Since then she has had zero hrs. They dont fire you they just dont give you any hours... nice.

Also when she was laid off from her previous employer of 22 years, she was escorted out by a guard and meant to feel like a criminal. Of course, they paraded her through the halls.

I'm not sure if anyone else is sensing it.. maybe its just me... the sun doesn't shine much in Cleveland winters.. but there is a sense of frustration at work - every seems worried, upset, short tempered.. or they pull the passive agressive approach and do nothing... I went to Costco again today and saw the same guy loading up on water as I did about 2-3 weeks ago..

Some people are slowly but surely getting ready. I feel bad for those that expect things to turn around.

7th January 2009, 18:59
Seems to be similarities.

Good luck on water storage, my friend. We're fortunate. We have a well, a farm pond, and even an old cistern that catches rain water. Downside is that the chemtrails leave some oily nasty residue on the pond surface, and one can assume that rainwater sluicing off the roof and into the old cistern is also dissolving and washing that chemical crap down into that cement/tile reservoir made by a previous owner probably 70+ years ago.

Hubs and I wonder sometimes about the 'spring' water sold, however. There are natural springs in these parts, but, as I have told people: you could toss an old car spring into a body of water and in the truth-in-advertising realm it would then qualify as being labeled 'spring' water, LOL.

Big Berky water filter may do the trick for you.. supposedly can filter most chemicals.